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Single and Multi-Point Chargers all available with SEAI Grants

At CarCharger.ie, we pride ourselves in supplying only the best quality Car Chargers for home installation. We provide advice on power management, to make sure you’ll always have electricity for the things you need.

Bring Simple EV Charging to your Home

Electric Car Charging is a new and evolving reality. Technology in this field is growing faster than most other technology fields in the world. We at CarCharger.ie stay up to date with all new technological developments so we can provide you with the best solutions. We use technology to provide a top quality service and we use the best people to make it all happen.

Fully compatible with all electric vehicles

Our entire network is CHAdeMO and CSS enabled for full vehicle interoperability.

Enjoy Pan-European e-Mobility Roaming.

To support the rapid growth of electric mobility, GIREVE brings industry operators together. As an EasyGo customer you get access to 79,282 EV charge points in 25 countries throughout Europe.

Make a Real Change in your Business

We see electric charging infrastructure in business as more than a marketing tool in an age of green virtue signalling.


Making the switch to an electric fleet, like our partners An Post, makes real commercial sense. Talk to us about how charging infrastrucuture could
change your business.